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Welcome to Keyless Entry Remote Inc. Our goal is to give our customers the quickest and easiest way to purchase a replacement key fob for their vehicle. Whether you lost, broke, or just need an extra set of car keys, we can help. We supply car keys, smart keys, flip keys, remote head keys, and more. We sell factory OEM keyless entry remote replacements for up to 80% off dealership prices and provide programming guidance for all keyless entry remotes. You might be asking yourself, what is OEM? This stands for "original equipment manufacturer". Basically, it is the same quality part as the vehicle originally came with. All of our products come with OEM circuitry to ensure quality and compatibility to your vehicle.

From purchase to programming we are here for you! But don't just take our word for it, check out our product reviews for tips and advice from real people like you.

Unlike other online companies, we are located in Omaha, Nebraska, and have real employees who work hard to provide you quality products and exceptional service. We are the trusted source for car keys & remotes and take pride in being members of the Associated Locksmiths of America, along with maintaining an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our Promise to You

-Offer oem key fobs at reasonable prices

-Provide quality products with our 100% money back guarantee

-Provide unmatched tech support via phone or email.

-Live up to our motto "From purchase to programming we are here for you"

Our easy to navigate website will help guide you to the replacement key fob for your vehicle. All of our replacement keyless entry remotes go through our innovative testing process to ensure quality so they will arrive at your door ready to program. Browse our inventory organized by vehicle make, model, and year, or use the search bar to type in your vehicle information, fcc id number, or part number. Visit our remote programming instruction page or email us for a free copy of your vehicles programming instructions.

Why should you choose us? Well to start with we have been in business since 2011 and are one of the industries largest suppliers. All we do is key fobs, which makes us hyper focused on our product and services making us the experts. We are the best at customer service and the ONLY one you can call and talk to a live person during business hours. Another reason, price! We sell the same thing as the dealer just way less. Why pay more when you can have the exact same thing for less?

You might asking yourself how can we offer the same product for less? We have developed innovative processes that allow us to bring previously loved remotes back to life. This our way of saying we take old key fobs and make them new again. A lot of technology had to be discovered and developed to accomplish this, but rest assured we got it figured out! The end product is the same OEM circuitry with new digs, aka cases, keys, and/or button pads that guarantee quality and compatibility with your vehicle. You are not only saving money, but you are saving the planet by purchasing a sustainable product.

All of our remotes and keys come with a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, although we hope you don't have to use it. We have an extensive quality control process in which we test each product with a RF (radio frequency) tester upon receiving and again prior to being shipped out to you. This ensures you will receive a working remote. Our goal is to provide you with a working keyless entry remote, so if for some reason (highly unlikely) yours is not working, please give us a chance to trouble shoot with you and work our magic to get you what you need. Contact us via phone or email, whatever is easiest for you. The most common reason for a fob not working is incompatibility, and we can help get you the remote that is compatible with your vehicle. Want to learn more about our business? Check out our Core Values and our About Us pages to see who we are and what we stand for.

We Are the Experts
Unmatched, expert support for ANY keyless remote issue.
We've got your back.

Programming Instructions
Remote & Transponder Key Programming Instructions for over 5,000 vehicles!