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Ford Probe Remotes and Keys

It's not just you. Key fobs can be frustrating. The fob that comes with the car may not work right, or it may not even be there at all.
A remote entry system isn't just a luxury - it's become a critical, important feature of modern automobiles because it gives owners much more flexibility for handling cargo and security for protecting possessions.

Since 2011, Keyless Entry Remote Fobs has been supplying owners of Ford Probe models and other cars with top-quality fobs, so they can have a working remote again. We work with auto and parts suppliers to repurpose OEM units, putting each fob through a tough series of tests for reliability. That lets us offer fobs for up to 80 percent off what a dealer would charge.

That's not the only way we save you money. We provide full programming instructions, so don't worry about hiring a locksmith. We'll get you and your Ford Probe back on the road with all the security and functionality you deserve.
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Remote & Transponder Key Programming Instructions for over 5,000 vehicles!

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