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Honda CRX Remotes and Keys

Nothing beats the thrill of driving a sporty coupe such as a Honda CR-X around town. We understand how pressing the button of a Honda CR-X remote and seeing the lights of the vehicle switch on and off create a sense of pride and anticipation of the upcoming drive. When that button doesn't work, it's a bummer. Shoving a key into a lock just doesn't give the same thrill.

Recapture the thrill of your CR-X with a fresh fob from Keyless Entry Remote Fob. We keep OEM remotes, keys and fobs in stock and sell them up to 80 percent less than what dealerships will charge. That's not the only way we save you money: In many cases, the remotes can be self-programmed. So instead of letting your car sit at a dealership or with a locksmith, you can get it working in your driveway, and get back on the road quickly.

Get that thrill back today. Order one of our low-cost, OEM fobs or remotes, and reclaim all the security, convenience and pride you've been missing.

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Remote & Transponder Key Programming Instructions for over 5,000 vehicles!