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Honda Element Remotes and Keys

Honda Element drivers are savvy, smart go-getters who know the value of cargo space in a compact SUV. Whether its supplies for a sales presentation, a load of groceries for a meal or a load of co-workers for a morning commute, they know how to be on the go.

Don't let a broken Honda Element remote slow you down. Get back to full speed with one of our high-quality fobs, transponder keys or entry remotes. These are the same remotes you get from dealers, but you'll pay up to 80 percent less. We test each one for function and durability before shipping so that we can give you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

You'll save even more money by skipping a trip to the dealer or locksmith - in many cases we send along full programming instructions that are usually easy and quick enough to do on a break between your stops. Don't let your broken remote slow you down. Get back in your element with a fresh fob from Keyless Entry Remote Fob.
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