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Jeep Cherokee Key Fob Replacements

Starting in 1990 Jeep introduced keyless entry as an option on Cherokee models. Nowadays keyless entry is pretty much standard. Did you know that if you need a replacement Cherokee key fob you don't have to go to the dealer?

I know right, most people don't know you can buy these replacement key fobs right here from us, Keyless Entry Remote Inc., the leader in replacement Cherokee keys and remotes. We will save you up to 80% off dealer prices and that puts a smile on our face as well as yours. We also carry replacement transponder keys as well. Use our easy to navigate menu system above and find the remote you need today.

Since 1974, Jeep has been making its Cherokee SUV in various forms, spawning such successful offshoots as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jeep began offering keyless entry as an option on its Cherokees in 1990, and what was once an option has become more or less standard today.

Handy as they are, key fobs and transponder keys can become a big hassle when they don't work. But there's an easy way to save yourself money as well as an inconvenience if yours has broken if you've lost it or just want a spare or two on hand. You can get an OEM replacement key fob for your Jeep Cherokee from Keyless Entry Remote Fob for up to 80 percent off what you would pay the dealer.

Whether you're looking for a 2016 Jeep Cherokee key fob or one for practically any other year, we probably have it. We carry key fobs for Jeep Cherokees ranging from the 1993 model year to 2016, and we'll keep updating our inventory as long as Jeep keeps making Cherokees with wireless entry. Here you will find two-button, three-button, and four-button key fobs as well as five-button key fobs and key fobs with hatch capability.

You can program some of these remotes yourself. We provide instructions online and can help you via phone or email if you run into issues. Other Jeep Cherokee remotes require professional programming. In that case, we recommend you inquire with your local locksmith, which will most likely save you money compared to going to your nearest Jeep dealer.

If you don't need a replacement key fob but just need a new lithium coin battery for yours, we carry those too. Just as with our key fobs, you will save substantial sums when you shop with us. We also provide complete instructions on replacing your key fob's battery.

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