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Hello Jeep Wrangler owners. Most of you are pretty vehicle savy, you bought a Wrangler right? If you are here you most likely need a replacement key fob for your vehicle. Well, you landed on the right website. We offer factory OEM Jeep Wrangler remotes. What does that mean? It's not a knock off, it is the exact remote that came with your Jeep Wrangler from the factory line. You love your Jeep, so love it back by giving it the real deal key fob.

Our website is easy to navigate, simply use the menu system above to find your year vehicle and we will display the remote replacement you need as well as what it takes to program the remote to your vehicle. We also sell Wrangler transponder keys, key fob batteries, and other random cool stuff. Oh and we do all of this and save you up to 80% off dealer prices. So shop now and save.

As agile off-road as on the road, the Jeep Wrangler is a special breed that appeals to a special class of SUV enthusiasts. Tracing its roots to the famous Army Jeep, this vehicle is rugged and attracts attention wherever you take it. Modern refinements have made it more comfortable than its predecessor, but this vehicle is still plenty tough.

Tough as it may be, the Wrangler's remote key fob or transponder key may need replacing, or you simply may want a spare in case you lose yours. No worries. You could go to your Jeep or Chrysler dealer and buy a replacement for big bucks. Or you could shop online here at KeylessEntryRemoteFob.com and save money and time. We stock a big selection of Jeep Wrangler Replacement OEM Key Fobs, Transponder Keys, and Accessories to keep the fun in your Wrangler, whether you use it off-road or on the road.

Our key fobs and transponders are currently available for Wranglers with model years dating between 1998 and 2015. Are you looking for a replacement transponder key for your 1998 Wrangler? We have them at about one-quarter of the price of what you would pay at the dealership. This uncut key will require cutting by a locksmith but it will save you some bucks.

In addition to transponder keys, we also carry three-button and four-button remote head key fobs for a variety of Wranglers, such as the 2009 model. Most of these can be programmed by you. Just follow our easy instructions, and if you run into any snags, call or email us. We stay with our customers from purchasing through programming-and beyond, in fact, because we back all our products with a guarantee off your 100 percent satisfaction.

Keyless Entry Remote Fob also carries replacement 3V lithium coin batteries if your remote battery has died. In addition, just to add even more fun to your Wrangler experience, we stock Bluetooth audio adapters that connect to your Wrangler stereo and make it easy to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled device.

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