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Lexus CT 200h Remotes and Keys

Let's ignore how the Lexus CT is a luxury hybrid, for the moment, and just focus on that word "hybrid." The CT is a hybrid electric car that gets many more miles to the gallon than a traditional automobile. Not only does it help drivers save money at the pump, it also helps protect the environment by keeping emissions to a minimum.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we understand how environmental thinking helps save greenspace around the world and green in your wallet. That's why we offer OEM replacement key fobs. Instead of making our own, using up even more plastic and silicon, we work with auto auctions, resellers and salvage yards to obtain unused fobs and remotes. That means once we refurbish them into top condition, we can offer them at discounts of up to 80 percent off.

If your remote or fob is lost, or has stopped working, we can help you replace it for less than what a dealership would charge. You'll get the convenience and safety of your remote entry system back quickly and cheaply.
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2011-2014 Lexus CT200H OEM Key Fob Remote HYQ14ACX Lexus CT200H OEM 4 Button Key Fob
Dealer Price $199.99
Our Price: $124.77
Savings: $75.22
2011-2012 Lexus CT 200h OEM Key Fob Remote HYQ14ACX Lexus CT 200h OEM 3 Button Key Fob
Dealer Price $199.99
Our Price: $124.77
Savings: $75.22


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If your search returns multiple key fobs, match your current remote button configuration with the search results. Guess what, even if you pick the wrong remote in the search results, any of those key fobs will most likely be compatible with your vehicle. You can always call our awesome key fob experts at 402-671-5100, they are ready to help you. And if for some crazy reason it is not compatible, we have a money back guarantee.

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