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Mercedes-Benz C230 Remotes and Keys

You worked hard for your Mercedes-Benz C230, and chances are it's now working hard for you. This is no frivolous expense - it's part of projecting a successful image that helps you get even more business done by transporting clients to important meetings. If your entry remote gets damaged or stops working, it can tarnish the image you're trying to build. All of a sudden, your clients have to wait for you to unlock doors the old-fashioned way.

Keep your image intact with a fresh fob from Keyless Entry Remote Fob. Our secret: We hunt down unused remotes from auto dealers, auctions, body shops and other suppliers. We refurbish each fob to premium condition and subject it to a battery of tests, then pass the savings on to you. That means you can get an OEM replacement fob, right down to the silver Benz logo, for up to 80 percent less than a dealer's sky-high price. Let Keyless Entry Remote Fob keep your business going strong.
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