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Mitsubishi Lancer Remotes and Keys

Technically, the Mitsubishi Lancer is a sedan, but performance enthusiasts like you have figured out how to unlock its hidden power - especially you Evo 8-9 and Evo X drivers. We're willing to bet that a look inside your engine would reveal a sharp turbocharger, upgraded intakes and exhaust, performance clutch and much more. In other words, your engine compartment holds a lot of your time and money.

At some point, you're probably interested in unlocking the doors and driving it around. But if your remote is broken, you're probably not replacing it because you think it will be expensive, and you'd rather spend the money on brake upgrades. Keyless Entry Remote Fob is here to help. We don't sell cheaply manufactured replacement fobs - we offer authentic, OEM fobs we found from salvage yards, body shops and other suppliers. We refurbish them, test them rigorously then pass savings of as much as 80 percent directly to you.

Our outstanding shipping rates and lifetime replacement program will help you save even more money, so that you can finally get that high-capacity fuel pump you've been dreaming about.
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