Programming Key Fobs

A key fob may be one of the most important items on your keychain. Between using it to open your doors, pop your trunk open, and enable/disable your alarm system, you are probably very reliant on your key fob. Without your key fob functioning properly, you may be unable to enable your car alarm which could put you in a vulnerable state to be robbed. You may also not be able to open your car doors or trunk with ease anymore. You will typically find key fobs in one of two forms, attached to a key and keyless.

Replacing a key fob

If you ever lose your key fob, it could potentially be costly to replace it. A key fob is a specialized piece of equipment for your cars make and model, and it needs to be professionally programmed to work with your vehicle. You do have the option of ordering a replacement key fob yourself or purchasing one from a licensed automotive dealer or locksmith. You may want to call around the auto dealers and locksmiths in your area to see which party will give you a better quote on your key fob. If you are wanting to purchase the key fob yourself, you should be sure that the one you purchase is compatible with your vehicle. Most of the time, a general key fob will work with most vehicles but there are always exceptions to those rules.

What if I lost my old key fob?

If you have lost your key fob, you should contact an auto dealer or locksmith as soon as possible to deactivate the key fob from working with your vehicle. A robber may be able to enter your vehicle by using the old key fob if you never got the old key fob deactivated. It is difficult for a member of the general public to remove a key fob from the car’s programming on your own. It is better to leave de-programming a key fob to the professionals to make sure that it is done correctly.

Programming a key fob

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it can either be incredibly easy or very difficult to program a key fob on your own. Older vehicles are easier to program key fobs for than newer vehicles. Many vehicles created post 2011 require you to hook the car up to a specialized piece of equipment at an automotive dealer in order to program your key fob correctly. For these cars, you will not be able to do the programming at home and you will have no choice but to pay a licensed professional to do the work for you. If your vehicle is able to be programmed at home without specialized equipment, you may be able to find the instructions on how to do it on the internet. Programming a key fob takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes if you have the proper tools and instructions handy. You will have to perform a series of steps with your key and the key fob, and before you know it you will have a fully operational key fob again!

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