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Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Jul 16th 2013

Lose or break your vehicle key fob?  Maybe you just purchased a used vehicle and it did not come with a key fob remote.  If you need a replacement key fob DO NOT go to the dealer to buy it, you will spend hundreds of dollars!  You can buy replacement key fobs from Keyless Entry Remote Inc at up to 80% off dealership prices, and most come with free self-programming instructions.

What dealerships, or steal-er-ships, don't want you to know is that most key fobs are very easy to program and require no special equipment to program.  Keyless Entry Remote Inc offers Free Key Fob Self-Programming Instructions on their blog, no strings attached!  Now we said most vehicle are easy to program.  There are still vehicles that will need special equipment in order to program the remote.  However, you can still try and avoid the steal-er-ship on this too.  Try contacting a few local locksmiths.  Some locksmiths have the technology to program these remotes and will usually do it for half the price of the dealership.  If you are having a hard time finding a locksmith in your area, use our Free Preferred Locksmith Locator.  This will help you find a quality locksmith in your area.   You can also try contacting auto repair shops, they can have this technology also.

Well, we hope that this article is useful to you and will save you some money.  Check out all the Replacement Key Fobs for sale at Keyless Entry Remote Inc.   

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