Core Values

Personality is what sets us apart from other living creatures. I created Keyless Entry Remote Inc. to fulfill a need for people and as the company has grown, so have the people that work here.

It is the employees that told me "we have to let our customers know our core values". The students have become my teacher. I am excited to share our core values with you. Made by employees and extended to you, the customer.

-J.J. Feregrino, President

  • Commitment to Customer

    Commitment to Customers

    We know service matters, and we intend to go above and beyond to provide extraordinary service. We not only want people to purchase products from us, we also want them to use our products.

    We are committed to providing quality products and providing guidance to make sure you get our product working with your vehicle. Our motto is:

    “From purchase to programming, we are here for you.”

  • recycling

    Recycling / Sustainability

    Our planet only offers so many natural resources. Our products are comprised from 50% recycled materials, allowing us to do our part in protecting the environment by preserving resources, reducing waste, ensuring public health, and improving economic vitality.

  • Growth


    By growth, we mean providing opportunities for our employees to grow professionally and personally. Our company culture provides innovating processes and techniques that stimulate employee interaction, inspiration, and creativity.

    Look, we would all love to stay at home and do the activities we enjoy, but the reality is most of us have to have a job. As a company we want our employees to be able to say, “I like coming to work”.

  • Innovation


    Recycling and e-commerce, really? How do you even put these two into the same category? Well, we have to be innovative by pushing ourselves to not be afraid of change.

    We are constantly improving our processes and customer experiences in order to stay committed to our customers.

  • Affordability

    Affordability / Accessibility

    We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to purchase our products. We are committed to making our products affordable and easily accessible to everyone by offering worldwide shipping options at affordable prices.

    You shouldn’t have to decide on whether to make your rent/mortgage payment or get a new key fob.

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