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Hyundai Key Fob Remote Flash / Erase Service

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This Is A Service Performed On A Key Fob. Not An Actual Key Fob
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Hyundai Key Fob Remote Flash / Erase Service


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There are a handful of key fobs that require a "flash" or "erase" service before they can be re-programmed to a vehicle. The key fobs that need this flash service require it because once the key fob has been programmed to a vehicle it will not be able to be programmed to another vehicle until the memory in the key fob has been flashed. The key fob will only allow one vehicle to be programmed; once that vehicle has been synced with the key fob, the key fob requires the flash service so it will be ready to receive programming from a different vehicle. This is only on certain makes & models of key fobs. If the key fob you are looking at purchasing has a link to this flash page then the key fob you are looking to purchase requires this service.

The majority of key fobs do not require this service. You only need this service if the remote states it does. To find out if your key fob needs this service, there will be a red link above the price of the key fob that states "This Remote Requires our Remote Flash Service For Programming". If there is not a link like this on the remote you are looking to purchase, then you will not require this service.

If you purchase a "Flash Service", this is non-refundable. Please make sure, if you are ordering a flash service, that you have all of your programming needs verified before purchase. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 402-671-5100.

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