Who out there enjoys spending hundreds of dollars for a new or replacement Acura key fob? If you answered "Nobody," then you're correct! That's why has made it our mission since 2011 to offer the best prices and service on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Acura key replacement. Our Acura key fobs are the real thing, made just as they are when your Acura rolled off the showroom floor. The only difference between our products and the Acura keyless entry remotes at a dealer is the price, as you will save big ordering through us.


But those savings won't do much good if you still have to pay for a dealer to program your key fob. We do even more for you by providing free - yes, free - Acura keyless entry remote programming instructions for applicable devices. Search for your make and model in our programming instructions guide, or send us a friendly email to receive simple step-by-step sequencing. Some Acura car remotes will still need to be programmed professionally, but a locksmith may be able to do so, and our guide allows you to search for one locally. If your current Acura key fob isn't working, a few dollars spent on a replacement battery may be all you need.


It's easy to get started finding the right Acura remote when you select your model and/or year above. You can also call us at 402-671-5100 anytime (during business hours, that is; we're all asleep by midnight) to speak with someone who's friendly, knowledgeable and human. We offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all of our replacement key fobs with no strings attached - if it doesn't work for your car, send it back to us and we'll send back your full purchase price. For great savings, better service and same-day shipping, choose for all your keyless entry remote needs!


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