Never overpay on a Hyundai keyless entry remote again thanks to the great selection at! We know the frustration of needing a replacement key fob for a Hyundai and having to shell out hundreds of dollars to a dealership for them to program one. Our OEM Hyundai key fobs are just like the ones you would get at the dealer, but cost up to 80 percent less, saving you big money and bigger stress. All you need to do to find compatible Hyundai car alarm remotes is select your model and year in the menus above and (if applicable) choose the one that matches your current or previous configuration.


But don't you have to pay a Hyundai dealer anyway to get your key fob programmed? In most cases, no you don't! Many of our car remote keys can be self-programmed in a few minutes at home, and when you order from us, we will send you Hyundai key fob programming instructions at no extra charge. You can also view tutorials in our online programming guide or contact our expert staff for assistance. Our guide also includes a locksmith locator if your Hyundai remote key does require professional setup. Each replacement Hyundai key fob we sell has been tested to verify that it sends a remote signal and is ready for programming.


Keyless Entry Remote, Inc. has offered a 100 percent money back guarantee since our inception. If your Hyundai car remote doesn't work, we will fully refund your purchase. We also carry key fob battery replacements for those times when the simplest solution is correct. If you have questions about compatibility, ordering or programming, you can call us anytime during business hours to talk to an expert technician who will gladly assist you. Stop waiting around and find the right replacement key fob for your Hyundai today!


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