OEM Mercedes-Benz Keyless Entry Remotes

At, we have the best selection of genuine Mercedes-Benz key fobs, car remotes and keyless go devices for unlocking and starting your vehicle. Whether you need a new car remote key or just want to have a spare on hand, we have factory OEM Mercedes replacement keys for more than 70 models. Just enter your vehicle year and model into our drop-down menus above and we will take you to all Mercedes-Benz keyless entry car remotes that are in-stock and compatible. Our genuine car remote keys are exactly like the ones you would receive from your local dealership at a fraction of the cost.


Though many Mercedes-Benz key remotes still need to be programmed by the dealer, you still will end up paying less than half of what you would have otherwise. You also have the option of a locksmith professional. More and more locksmiths are learning how to program Mercedes keys and remotes. Finally, if your car alarm key fob can be programmed at home, our programming instructions will help you do so. If you need Mercedes key fob battery replacement, we have a section for that as well so you can replace your Mercedes key battery at a low cost. You can even find Mercedes keyless go aftermarket devices to start your car with a push of a button. All of our Mercedes-Benz car remote products have been thoroughly tested and come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


Getting a car remote key fob from a dealer for a new or used vehicle can set you back hundreds of dollars. Our Mercedes key remotes start at less than $50, and we provide expert customer service before and after the sale. You can call us directly at 402-671-5100 for assistance, and you don't even have to take a test drive first. We will give you a full refund if your OEM replacement Mercedes key fob is somehow not compatible with your vehicle, so you can shop with confidence knowing we have your back.


*Please note that most Mercedes remotes require professional programming. There are locksmiths that specialize in Mercedes remotes and keys, but we highly recommend calling first and checking to see if a professional in your area can program a Mercedes product and inquire on the cost. If you have to go to the dealer, before you purchase, make sure to call your local them and ask them if they will program a remote you purchase online, as we have ran into some dealerships refusing to program a remote not purchased from them.*


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