SUBARU KEY REMOTES is your source for low-cost, high-quality OEM Subaru keyless entry remotes! Why go to the local dealer for your next Subaru key remote replacement when you can get the same product for up to 80 percent less? If more people knew the answer, then dealership remotes might cost less. But until that day comes, you can shop with confidence for a Subaru key fob in our large inventory. Our like-new devices have passed a quality test and are backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee, so you know we have your back.

Start your Subaru key replacement search above by selecting a model and year. If you're not sure which key fob you need, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call our Nebraska-based experts at 402-671-5100 for guidance and advice. You will still need to program your Subaru remote key after ordering, and while some must be taken to an automotive locksmith or dealer, many key fobs can be self-programmed. If Subaru key fob programming instructions are available, we will provide them for free via our instructions guide or by email. This can often be done in just a few minutes.

Some don't realize a Subaru keyless remote needs a battery as well, and if your current key fob isn't working, one of our replacement batteries could be the answer. We also have cool stuff such as glass cleaners and Bluetooth audio adapters that make your Subaru more fun to drive. All of our products ship anywhere in the world, and the vast majority of U.S. orders arrive on the correct doorstep within three days of being placed. Really, there is no reason to get a replacement key fob for your four-wheel drive vehicle anywhere else. Start your search today, and be sure to look at our keyless remotes for other vehicles so your entire driveway is set.

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