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Acura RDX Remotes and Keys

When you were ready for a luxury crossover SUV, you chose the Acura RDX, and you have never regretted it. We don't blame you - it's an outstanding SUV that offers impressive comfort for clients or co-workers you take to important meetings. If the remote entry fob gets broken, however, it slows you down. You can't load supplies as quickly, and your passengers have to wait on you to unlock doors.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we can help restore your image and work-speed with a new remote. We secure extra fobs and keys from auto suppliers such as auctions and body shops,, test them for quality and then offer them at discounts for up to 80 percent less than a dealer. That means you'll get the same fob that you received on the showroom floor without paying a luxury price.

In fact, we'll help you save even more money with outstanding shipping deals and our lifetime replacement program. You'll never have to worry about a broken remote again, and have money left over for other luxuries.
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