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What is OEM Quality?

Reliable, Trusted OEM Quality.

Let's face it, when it comes to buying a key fob, there are a lot of options out there. We are proud to use OEM electronics.

Whether you drive a 1987 Cadillac Allante or a 2018 Ford Fiesta, you can rest assured that you can get a key fob with genuine OEM electronics. Just look for the OEM label in the product name!

What is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

OEM parts are authentic parts created by name brand companies.

These parts are specifically developed for use with your vehicle.

As a result, OEM products are: more reliable, higher quality, and more trustworthy.

Why does OEM matter?

Non-OEM replacement parts are widely available online but provide less value than OEM Parts.

Non-OEM Parts Lack:


  • They are often made with cheap imported components.
  • They are less durable making them more prone to damage and breaking.


  • There is no guarantee it will work with your vehicle.
  • It may not sync properly with your vehicle.


  • You don't know the source of the parts (ex. Ford OEM Parts come from a Ford Manufacturer).
How to make sure you're buying an OEM Key Fob
  • Look for the OEM Acronym. Retailers selling OEM parts proudly announce that their parts are genuine.
  • Don't assume a key fob is OEM just because it does or does not have a logo on the case.
  • Be wary of any item being sold as a "Replacement Part." This generally means that it is a knock-off and not OEM.
  • Avoid "Universal" key fobs that are advertised to work with a wide range of brands, such as a key fob that works for both a Ford and a Chevy.
Our Promise to You

Keyless Entry Remote is a proud retailer of OEM products.

We promise that all of our key fobs are reliable, high quality, and trustworthy.

  • What is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ?
  • Why does OEM matter?
  • How to make sure you're buying an OEM Key Fob
  • Our Promise to You
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