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It is a common and unavoidable experience that we lose our car keys or break our remote. When this happens, you wish you had a spare set you could use in this desperate time of need and you can just look for your original set when you get home. We recommend buying a spare key fob now, that way you are prepared when you lose your car keys; and believe us it will happen.

How about this scenario? You have your hands full of groceries and you go to push the unlock button on your key fob and….nothing! Your key fob has seen its last day. You just don’t realize how important these little guys are until you don’t have them anymore. Well, we got your back.

At we are ready to supply you with a back up set of car keys or a replacement remote. We offer car keys, key fobs, smart keys, flip keys, remote head keys, and more. We are a great alternative to the stealership (oops, did we say that out loud? We meant to say dealership).

Our commitment to providing you with quality, factory, OEM key fob replacements shows in our innovative technologies and unmatched support. Our memberships with the Associate Locksmiths of AmericaChamber of CommerceThe Better Business Bureau, and other industry associations ensures we are the trusted source for key fob replacements.

You can shop now for your keyless entry remote fobs, blank conventional/laser keys, remote keys and smart keys for any model of vehicles like Ford, Toyota, Jeep, Hyundai, Acura, Chrysler, Honda, Hummer, Infiniti, Chevrolet, GMC, Nissan, Cadillac, Suzuki, Mazda, Saturn, Lincoln, Pontiac, and the list goes on.

Simply shop by your vehicle make and find your key fob in just a few clicks. We stock over 100,000 remotes and keys at our state of the art facility in Omaha, Nebraska (go Huskers!) to ensure we have the key fob replacement you need.

Our delivery is superb and exceptional. Our orders are processed within one business day of ordering, and we offer standard and expedited shipping services. We want every customer to be satisfied. Even if you must return your purchase to us, we offer no hassle returns with free return shipping.

Are we the cheapest? No, but we are fair and in-line with the market. You might find a couple sites offering key fobs for a couple bucks cheaper, but you get what you pay for. What you DO get from us is quality, factory OEM (no knock-offs) key fobs and our friendly expert support. We not only want you to buy your key fob from us, but we want to make sure you get it programmed and working with your vehicle as soon as possible.

You ordered your key fob from us, now what? Once you receive your key fob replacement you will have to program it to your vehicle. Some key fobs you can program yourself and others will require a computer to hook up that only a key fob professional would have.

When viewing your key fob on our website, scroll down and we will inform you whether the key fob is self-programmable or if it needs a professional. If it is self-programmable the key fob programming instructions will be on that web page as well.

If the key fob you need requires a professional to program, we recommend calling your local locksmith. They are usually less expensive than the dealership.

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