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Stress is a major part of our lives and getting locked out of a car only exasperates the problem. Most of us have been there before and understand how frustrating the experience can be, not to mention time-consuming.

Whether you’ve misplaced your keys at home or locking the keys in the car, replacing them is inevitable and will depend on your make, model, and year of your vehicle. Let the experts at Keyless Entry Remote, Inc. help you simplify the process with our solid industry knowledge, which will also help you get an excellent bargain.

Types of Replacement Key Fobs

Key fobs come in different forms and can vary in terms of how access is granted to the owner of the vehicle for entry. Some key fobs grant access when the owner makes physical contact while others rely on wireless access. The purpose in each case is essentially the same: offering security for you and your vehicle.

In fact, why go to a dealer and risk getting ripped off when you can check out the selection of key fobs we offer instead? We understand your peace of mind is essential and the biggest reason why you need a reliable key fob.

For your convenience, we have broken down the pricing into 5 categories with averages so you can have accurate information to protect yourself and so you can also search for the right key fob on our website. It’s just another way we love to help you save on your next purchase.

Standard Remotes

Average costs are $45 or less and are the remotes you’re probably most familiar with. Each remote usually comes with a lock button, unlock button, trunk and even a panic button. What makes these remotes distinct from other types would be the remote itself is a separate unit from the key.

Flip Keys

Average costs are $85 or less and are also referred to as switch blade style keys. Push the button and the key flips opens like a switch blade knife, hence its unique name. Unlike standard remotes, the key and remote are both one unit.


Average costs are $100 or less and use infrared technology to start the vehicle rather than using a metal key. With this type of key, the remote and key are one part and features a hidden metal key to unlock the driver’s side door in case the battery dies.

Remote Head Keys

Average costs are $100 or less and the remote and key are part of one unit. The metallic portion of the key is physically attached to the remote and clearly visible.

Smart Remotes

Costs range up to $200 and are typically associated with push buttons start optioned vehicles. You always need to keep these keys in your pocket or purse because the proximity technology built in will detect when you are close enough to the vehicle to unlock the car doors or start the vehicle. In case the battery dies, there’s a small metal key hidden in the remote.

Key Entry Remote Programming Information

When purchasing a keyless entry remote, always remember you will need to program the remote to your vehicle first before it can work. In some scenarios, the remotes are self-programmable which can help reduce your costs substantially.

If you want to determine whether your remote is self-programmable, be sure to check your owner’s manual or visit our key fob programming website. If none of this is the case, visit your local locksmith or professional dealership to have it professionally programmed. I highly suggest the former option because most of the time, they will program your remotes for much less.

Where to get the best key fob?

At Keyless Entry Remote Inc., we sell a wide variety of replacement factory key fobs, remotes and keys and understand how frustrating it can be to lose a key fob or have a faulty one.

With our unmatched expert advice and technical support, you can feel confident in your purchase and save up to 80% off dealership prices. All replacement key fobs have passed an RF test to ensure the key fobs are functioning well.

If you want to save yourself the hassle, stop by at our Omaha, NE location and we’ll provide the best service possible to satisfy your needs in finding cheap key replacements.

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