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Keyless Entry Remote Inc. believes in our people, our processes, and our products.

Our success starts here with our people. Our team is like no other. They get it. They know they are what makes this company great and it shows in everything they do. From customer service, sales, shipping, receiving, purchasing, technology, and more, everyone here takes pride in what they do and what this company is doing now and in the future.

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Keyless Entry Remote Inc. was founded in 2011 by J.J. Feregrino.

Back then, J.J. was selling used cars and noticed a constant thorn in used car buyers' sides. About half of the cars he sold did not have a key fob, and the ones that did have one didn’t work half the time.

This left customers frustrated as the only place to get a spare was the dealer and they usually charged $150 or more for a new key fob. This was a problem. J.J. values customer satisfaction and began to research key fob technology to see if he could recycle key fobs.

He found that it could be done and Keyless Entry Remote Inc. was born.

The business took off and after only 3 months of working out of his basement, J.J. moved to a commercial building and hired his first employee (and she’s still with the company today).

Fast forward to today. Keyless Entry Remote Inc. has gone through 4 office expansions, has 26 employees, and has sold over 1 million key fobs online. Keyless Entry Remote Inc. continues to grow every year and has established itself as a leader in the key fob industry selling hundreds of thousands of key fobs annually.

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with quality OEM keyless entry remote key fobs at the best prices possible and follow up your purchase with stellar customer service and support.

We want to make sure you get your remote programmed and actually use our product. Our motto is:
“We are here for you from purchase to programming”and we promise to live up to this statement.

Call our staff at 402-671-5100 with any questions.

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