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Our Products And Services

Our Products & Services

Our Products & Services

Keyless Entry Remote Inc. supplies factory oem (original equipment manufacturer) keyless entry remotes, aka key fobs. What this means is you will receive the same remote part number that was made for your vehicle, no knock-offs. This guarantees the keyless entry remote key fob you purchase from us will work with your vehicle.

We also provide free of charge key fob programming instructions and video tutorials for all sorts of key fob related topics. This is our gift to you whether you purchase a remote from us or not.

OEM Certified
Key Warehouse Process

Our Processes

We have and continue to evolve our processes. Our success in our processes comes from two core systems, communication and technology.

Our team is awesome at communicating with each other to maximize efficiency in our processes and we use technology to make this process work.

Our Products

Anyone can sell a key fob, but nobody does it like us. Our people and processes ensure that the products we sell are held to the highest quality standards we set.

Every single key fob we sell is tested when it comes into our warehouse and before it leaves our warehouse to the customer. It might seem like double the work, but it is worth it to deliver a quality product.

OEM Product Key
Smart Pro and M-Box Programming Duo
Rock Stone Key Hider

We Buy Remotes Too

Do you have access to a bulk quantity of keyless entry remote key fobs? If so, we would love to buy them from you. Call us at 402-671-5100 and speak with one of our purchasing agents today.

Condition Of Our Remotes

We sell previously loved key fobs. What does that mean? It means we recycle factory oem keyless entry remote key fobs. Each previously loved remote goes through an intense testing and inspection process to ensure you receive a quality key fob from us. Have questions, please feel free to call us at 402-671-5100.

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We Are The Experts

Unmatched, expert support for ANY keyless remote issue. We've got your back!

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Programming Instructions

Remote & Transponder Key Programming Instructions for over 5,000 vehicles!

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