When you need a new, replacement or spare Toyota key fob, Keyless Entry Remote, Inc. has the right one for you. Many people who buy a used Toyota that doesn't come with a keyless entry remote think they are at the mercy of a dealership to get one. However, factory OEM Toyota replacement keys are available right here! We have a great selection of remote car opener replacement devices so you can get the right one for your Corolla, Echo, Highlander or Tundra with no knock-offs. Select the vehicle's model and year in our drop-down menus above to find compatible remote keys for your Toyota instantly.

It can easily cost hundreds of dollars to purchase a Toyota replacement key fob from a dealer and have them program it. But not only do we offer OEM Toyota keys at discounted prices, but we provide free home programming instructions, meaning your total cost will be closer to that of an oil change or new tire. You can email us as well for guidance or check out product reviews for additional tips, and if your key does require professional programming, we may be able to help you find a nearby locksmith. We are known for providing the best service from purchase to programming to make sure your spare remote Toyota key meets your needs.

All of our in-stock Toyota replacement key fobs ship the same day to any U.S. address, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if your new remote key is not compatible. We also offer replacement batteries at a discount when purchased with a car remote. A Toyota replacement key fob case may be available for select models as well. We believe getting replacement remote keys for your Toyota should be easy and inexpensive so you can focus on more pressing vehicle concerns. Call our Midwestern U.S. offices today at 402-671-5100 to get started!

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