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Sometimes we look at a line of vehicles and wonder why they ever stopped getting made. That's certainly the case for Eagle, a branch of the Chrysler Corporation. The Summit was a fantastic sub-compact with surprising power, and the Talon was an exciting, amped-up sports car that turned heads. We still see plenty of Eagles on the road, because they were built to last.

We know Eagle drivers love their Eagles, as well, because they are still asking us for replacement fobs. And we're happy to do it, because we're one of the Internet's best sites for offering replacements with big discounts. Since 2011, we've worked with automotive suppliers such as resellers, auctions and body shops to secure extra fobs and keys. That means we offer true OEM replacements, not flimsy, fragile fakes. Our discounts get as high as 80 percent off, so you won't have to pay a dealer an arm and a leg just to keep your Eagle's remote entry system working.

That's not the only way we save you money, however. In many cases, we provide full programming instructions so that you don't have to head back to the dealer or hire an automotive locksmith. Combine that with our low shipping costs and our lifetime replacement program, and you'll have plenty of money left in your wallet. Contact our staff today - they'll answer all your questions about programming, compatibility and more.

Losing a fob can slow you down and steal security from you. Without it, getting into your car becomes more awkward - especially if you have things to load up - and the power of a panic button can provide an extra layer of safety. Don't let a broken or lost fob slow you down. Recapture the convenience and security of a fully-functional remote entry system. Keyless Entry Remote Fob will help you get that power back quickly, for less.

  • Mitsubishi GQ43VT6T OEM 3 Button Key Fob


    Mitsubishi GQ43VT6T OEM 3 Button Key Fob


    Our price: $32.77
    Dealer price: $119.99

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