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Hi There. We're Keyless Entry Remote, Inc.

We're the industry leader in the automotive subsection of recycled key fobs.

Didn't even know that was a thing? That's okay. Not many people do.

As long as you know what a key fob is, you'll be fine. We'll fill your head with detailed car remote knowledge later.

For now, you should use this time to take in the scenery. Get a good feel for us as a company. And most importantly, figure out if we are a good fit for you.

Why Keyless Entry Remote, Inc.?

You're looking for a business with the tools to unlock your success.

Just because you start in a position doesn't mean you're stuck there. We love moving our employees up to better-suited positions rather than hiring outsite.

You don't need someone hanging over your shoulder, telling you to kick it in gear.

We don't believe in micro-managing, and we don't believe in hiring those who need to be micro-managed. Self-motivation is a skill we greatly value.

You're not just along for the ride. You're in the driver's seat.

This is the industry that's always changing. There is no autopilot setting. You always have to be ready to predict or react to obsticles.

You're not afraid of a little off-roading.

Like a city has roadways and regulations, you'll have systems and processes to follow. But you will hit roadblocks. And to move forward you'll have to either find a new path or make your own.

Hiring Process Checkpoints

Since every hiring process is unique, we've mapped out our simple steps to keep you from hitting the panic button.


Application Review

We review all applications in-house to check for a variety of criteria.



We conduct in-person interviews to get a better understanding of who you are and why you're fit for the position.



We make an offer to the canidate we feel is the best fit for the position.

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Shipping Clerk

Are you interested in shipping products for a leader in the recycled key fob industry?

Customer Service Representative

Are you interested in joining a customer service team with a reputation for being the best in the recycled key fob industry?

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Unmatched, expert support for ANY keyless remote issue. We've got your back!

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