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Personal Safety

  • Sabre Personal Alarm Keychain With LED Light


    Sabre Personal Alarm Keychain With LED Light

    Our price: $14.99

    State and local laws prohibit the shipment of this model to: AK HI Make every day safe with the SABRE 2-in-1 Personal Alarm with LED Light and Snap Hook. This personal alarm is made to deter attackers and alert others when help is needed. It...

  • Sabre Runner LED Arm Band


    Sabre Runner LED Arm Band

    Our price: $10.99

    The SABRE Safety LED Armband was designed to give you an extra level of security, without intruding on your run. The powerful LED light with both a steady and flashing mode has a 100,000-hour life, allowing you to wear it without worry of it dying...

  • Resqme Car Escape Keychain Tool

    Resqme Car Escape Keychain Tool


    Our price: $9.95
    Dealer price: $19.99

    Item Details Be properly prepared for an emergency in case of an accident. Resqme is a hand-held tool with a powerful, but safe, spring-loaded stainless steel spike that allows you to easily break side windows; and it has a concealed stainless steel...

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