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Buick Enclave Remotes and Keys

You worked hard for your Buick Enclave, and it keeps working hard for you. Whether you use it to carry co-workers or clients to an important meeting, or to load up cargo for a critical delivery, its luxury amenities make the trip much better. But when that remote fob goes out, you lose not only luxury, but critical features, as well. Remote entry systems give you extra security and convenience at the touch of a button.

Reclaim that power with a new entry remote or transponder key from Keyless Entry Remote Fob. We carry the same fobs and keys that dealerships offer, but the big difference is that we sell them for about 80 percent less. Our secret is that we work with auto and parts suppliers such as salvage yards, auctions and other resellers to find fobs that aren't in use, then ensure they are in top working order.

But that's your secret. No one will care that you paid a discount price for your new fob. And combined with our lifetime replacement program, you'll always have a working fob in your hand, no matter how long you own your Enclave.

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