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Buick Regal Remotes and Keys

For decades Buick Regal drivers have enjoyed the luxury and quality of their sedan. Buick’s design is timeless, and the interior is comfortable and filled with amenities. We understand exactly why Regal drivers like you keep them in good condition.

If your entry remote gets damaged or lost, it steals away the convenience and security of your remote entry system. But a lot of drivers won’t bother to replace it, because they think it will be too expensive. That’s not the case with Keyless Entry Remote Fob. We offer authentic OEM replacement remotes at up to 80 percent less than a dealer’s high price.

We help save you money a second time: For many models, we supply full programming instructions. You can get your new remote working in the comfort of your own driveway, without having to hire an automotive locksmith. With Keyless Entry Remote Fob, you can keep using your Buick Regal like you did when it was new for less money.
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