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Cadillac XTS Remotes and Keys

it carefully based on Cadillac’s reputation for quality and luxury. And now, it’s working for you, helping you get work done. It makes an impression with clients, and gets you to important meetings in style.

But if your remote gets broken, that can damage the impact you hope to make. Struggling with fitting a key in a lock slows you down, and making an important passenger wait for you to unlock several doors can undermine the image you want to present.

We can help you reclaim that image with a fresh remote. We offer OEM replacement keys, remotes and fobs for up to 80 percent less than a dealer’s expensive prices. These are the same remotes given to new drivers off the showroom floor. Our low shipping rates will save you even more money, and our lifetime replacement program will ensure you never have to worry about a broken remote slowing you down again, for as long as you own your Caddy.
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