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Chevrolet SSR Remotes and Keys

The Chevrolet SSR is one of the most unique sports cars on the market. Its retro roadster design turns heads, and its powerful engine packs a pleasing punch. We imagine you get jazzed to press the unlock button on your remote in anticipation of the drive to come, even if you'll be stuck in rush hour traffic for a while.

If your entry remote stops working, we can help you replace it for less. We search out unused remotes and fobs from auto auctions, body shops and other suppliers. We refurbish each one into peak performance and run a rough regimen of tests, then pass the savings on to you. That means you can get an OEM authentic replacement fob for up to 80 percent less than a dealership's sky-high price.

We also offer outstanding shipping rates and a lifetime replacement program that will always keep a working fob in your hand for less than the price of a night at the drive-in movie theater.

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