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Chevrolet Spark Remotes and Keys

We understand exactly why you love your Chevrolet Spark. The compact car is surprisingly roomy, meaning you can load up with friends or cargo and still get around the city easily. And the electric motor gives you peace of mind that you're not adding to the city's smog. The best part: You're not pouring money down the drain by filling up with gas. Green thinking saves you green.

We use the same earth-friendly mentality at Keyless Entry Remote Fob. Other companies waste materials and resources by producing their own replacement fobs, but not us. We secure unused remotes from salvage yards, body shops, auctions and other suppliers. After we test each one, we pass the savings we get to you. That means you can get an authentic entry remote, the same one given to new drivers on the showroom floor, for up to 80 percent less than that dealer's sky-high price.
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