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Chrysler PT Cruiser Remotes and Keys

With its retro looks, the PT Cruiser turned heads and inspired lots of interest when Chrysler first rolled it out in the 2001 model year. Produced over the years in four-door wagon and two-door convertible models, these unusual-looking cars still will evoke comments even though Chrysler has stopped making them.

If your PT Cruiser needs a new OEM key fob, you could cruise on over to your nearest Chrysler dealership, where you would pay a premium price. Or you could simply shop online here at KeylessEntryRemoteFob.com and get a replacement OEM PT Cruiser key fob at a much lower price and with fast shipping directly to your door, saving you the hassles of driving and waiting in line.

We carry remote head keys as well as standard remotes for PT Cruisers. Whether you are searching for a three-button remote for your 2001 PT Cruiser or a three- or four-button remote head key fob for your 2010 PT Cruiser, you will find it here. You can buy with confidence knowing that we inspect these devices when they come in our door and before we ship them out the door to our customers.

You can program most of these PT Cruiser remote key fobs yourself. We provide complete instructions that are free and easy to follow. In the unlikely event you do run into a problem, we're no more than a phone call or email away.

Besides remotes, we also carry PT Cruiser transponder keys. These uncut keys must be cut for your car by a professional locksmith, but they also will save you money compared to going to the dealer.

If it's just a dead battery that's causing your key fob problems, we have you covered there. Our extra-long-life lithium 3V coin batteries are high in quality but low in price.
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2006-2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser OEM Key Fob OHT692427AA Chrysler PT Cruiser OEM 3 Button Key Fob OHT692427AA
Dealer Price $119.99
Our Price: $38.77
Savings: $81.22
2006-2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser OEM Key Fob Remote OHT692427AA Chrysler PT Crusier OEM 4 Button Key Fob
Dealer Price $119.99
Our Price: $38.77
Savings: $81.22
2000-2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser OEM Key Fob Chrysler PT Cruiser OEM 4 Button Key Fob
Dealer Price $69.99
Our Price: $11.77
Savings: $58.22
2001-2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser OEM Key Fob Remote GQ43VT13T Chrysler PT Cruiser OEM 3 Button Key Fob
Dealer Price $119.99
Our Price: $10.77
Savings: $109.22

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