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Dodge Charger Remotes and Keys

Since the 1966 model year, when the first Dodge Charger fastback coupe was introduced to the American public, the brand has attracted generations of auto enthusiasts with its bold designs and impressive performance. But if you have a keyless entry remote that isn't working for a Dodge Charger of recent vintage that can really put a crimp in the whole Charger experience.

Sure, you could go to a Chrysler dealership and pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement key fob. Or you could shop here at Keyless Entry Remote Fob and save up to 80 percent off dealer prices with one of our inspected, guaranteed replacements. The choice is yours.

We carry a big selection of Dodge Charger Remotes, Transponder Keys & Batteries to fit many styles and years of this American classic. In fact, browse our Web pages and you will find Charger replacement keys, batteries and accessories for Chargers running from the 2006 model year to the 2016 model year and beyond.

Here you will find original equipment manufacturer genuine Dodge keyless entry remotes, also known as key fobs. These are available for a variety of model years and styles. Pick from three-button, four-button, five-button and other styles of key fobs here. Find exactly what you're looking for by using our handy search box. If you still can't locate your key fob or have doubts, just call or email our expert staff.

Some of these key fobs are fully programmable by you, while others must be programmed by a professional. We'll let you know before you purchase and will assist you with programming if you have a self-programming version.

If yours requires professional programming, we suggest working with your local locksmith if possible. The price will usually be substantially lower than having a car dealer do the programming.
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