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Ford C-Max Remotes and Keys

The Ford C-Max is one of the company's latest compact multi-purpose vehicles, and drivers love them for the wide array of modern features available - some of those features are available in the palm of their hand, ready and waiting on the key fob. If that unit gets broken or lost, it can cause problems.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we understand how such little buttons can be a big deal. Remote entry is much more than a luxury - it addresses a range of needs from cargo handling to security. We make it easy to get that key functionality back by offering OEM key fobs for 2013-2016 Ford C-Max drivers. These are the same fobs that dealers hand to new drivers, but without the high price that a dealer charges.

Our mission is to make getting your fob back as quickly and cheaply as possible. You'll love our fast shipping, which is free for qualifying orders. You'll also enjoy the large amount of testing we put into each fob, saving you further headaches once it's in your hand.

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