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Honda Civic Remotes and Keys

Year after year, the Honda Civic gets better. What started out as a boxy hatchback has become a sleek sedan - even the hatchbacks look as sharp as sports cars. At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we understand exactly why Civic drivers are so proud of their rides.

Part of that pride is stored in a pocket or purse: The entry remote offers a healthy helping of convenience and security, but more than that is the simple thrill of pressing a button and seeing the headlights flicker. It signals excitement over the upcoming drive. If that fob goes out, it can be downright demoralizing.

We love helping 1994-2017 Civic drivers find their pride and joy again by offering discounts of up to 80 percent on replacement remotes. These are no cheaply-made pieces of junk - they are the same OEM fobs and remotes found at dealerships, only without the high price. We also include programming instructions, outstanding shipping rates and low-cost lifetime replacement plans, meaning Civic drivers can save money in many ways.
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