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Honda Passport Remotes and Keys

Honda Passport drivers go to the most amazing places, from well-known watering holes to secret scenic views. Your plans for those places likely calls for plenty of cargo and gear. If your Honda Passport remote gets broken or lost, loading that gear gets tougher. That little button is a big deal - it keeps you from fumbling with a lock and key while your hands are full, and it lets you ensure your possessions are protected from dozens of yards away.

Recapture that convenience with a replacement fob from Keyless Entry Remote Fob. We offer the same OEM fobs, remotes and transponder keys found at a dealer, but without the high price. You'll enjoy discounts of up to 80 percent, leaving you more money for your next adventure. You'll also save the expense of hiring a locksmith by using the programming instructions we provide for many models.

Let us help you get your Passport ready for adventure again. Our shipping deals, satisfaction guarantees and replacement plans will ensure a broken remote will never slow you down again.
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