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Hyundai Accent Remotes and Keys

Your Hyundai Accent is much more than a car for you — it’s an important tool that helps you care for your family or your business. Its dependability and reliability is award-winning — we’re not surprised that we see so many Accents still on the road today.

Did you know that a lot of drivers won’t bother to replace the entry remote if it gets broken? They think it will be too expensive to replace, so they don’t even bother. They just add the hassle of fumbling with keys to their already busy days. Since 2011, we’ve been helping fix that problem by saving customers as much as 80 percent of a dealer’s price for a new remote. These are the same authentic fobs that drivers received on the showroom floor, right down to the Hyundai logo on the face.

We also help save money with an incredible lifetime replacement program, which keeps a fresh fob in your hand for as long as you own your Accent — and we figure that will be a long time, because of the Accent’s reputation for long life. Let Keyless Entry Remote Fob help you get back on the road for less.
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