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We know you can't spell "Jeep" without the letters "OEM." At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we've worked with Jeep Commander drivers for years, and have seen all the amazing ways they customize their rides. Authentic parts are big deals, because there's just no substitute for the quality.

That's why, if the entry remote or fob goes out, we offer the same remotes and fobs that get handed out at the dealership. But because we work with auto auctions, salvage yards and other suppliers to secure fobs that aren't getting used, then put each one through a tough regimen of tests, we can offer a discount dealers can't touch - as high as 80 percent. That's not the only way we save Jeep drivers money: We also send full programming instructions so that a locksmith doesn't have to be called in.

Our shipping is tough to beat, and for less than the price of a weekend campsite, drivers can get a lifetime replacement plan, so they'll never have to worry about not having an OEM fob in their hand, ready for their next adventure.
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