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If you have been wondering where to buy batteries for key fobs, wonder no more! KeylessEntryRemote.com has a great selection of key fob batteries at low prices for your needs. What is a key fob battery, you ask? Simply put, it's what provides power for the radio frequency signal that your key fob uses to unlock or start your car. Oftentimes, what people think is a failed keyless entry remote is actually just a failed battery. For a few dollars and fast shipping, you can order a new battery for your key fob and potentially save significant time and money you would have otherwise spent on a replacement remote.

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Before you order a new key fob battery, you will need to find out which model your car remote uses. Our video channel has numerous videos explaining how to replace your keyless entry remote battery. You can follow these instructions to easily open your key fob and check the battery without causing damage. You'll also get some practice for the actual battery replacement process! Once you have determined the model, select from our options below and we will quickly ship it right to your door. Our expert staff is available by phone or email to help you out with additional guidance.

Of course, if a new battery for your key fob doesn't solve the problem, then it's probably time for a new fob. We have thousands of keyless entry remotes in stock and have made it easy to search for your replacement. Just tell us your vehicle year, make and model, or give us the part number or FCC ID, and we will direct you to compatible remotes. And you can use the key fob battery you already bought with your new device! All of our products are up to 80 percent off dealer prices so you can afford to get a new key fob or battery and use it for years to come.

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