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Kia Optima Remotes and Keys

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we see plenty of Kia Optima models still on the road. Optima drivers love the amenities inside each model, and also get thrilled over the low sticker price. But we've found that a lot of Optima drivers won't replace their entry remote or fob if it gets damaged. Thinking it will be too expensive to replace, they just learn to deal with sticking keys in doors and struggling with armloads during loading or unloading.

We help brighten their day by showing them how to get a new, authentic remote for up to 80 percent less than a dealership's sky-high price. We're pretty proud of our system: We scoop up unused remotes from auto resellers, body shops, salvage yards and other suppliers. We run each one through a series of tough tests, to ensure function and quality. Then we offer them to customers with huge markdowns.

We also help save money by keeping our shipping ridiculously low, and by offering a lifetime replacement program, so that you never have to worry about a broken remote for as long as you own your Optima.

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