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Kia Sorento Remotes and Keys

Your Kia Sorento might as well be part of your staff. Its durable engine, comfy interior and spacious cargo area make your Sorento a luxurious mobile office, perfect for last-minute product deliveries or transporting co-workers to important meetings. But if your entry remote goes missing or gets broken, it slows down your day as it steals convenience and security from you. Those little buttons are a big deal.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we offer big deals on replacing those busted buttons. We work with suppliers to scoop up extra fobs that aren't in use. We run each one through a rigorous set of tests for quality, then offer them with discounts of up to 80 percent off of what dealers charge. These are the same OEM remotes that new drivers are given off the showroom floor, only without the high price.

We also offer a lifetime replacement program that will keep you supplied with a working remote for as long as you own your Sorento. With Keyless Entry Remote Fob, you'll never have to worry about getting slowed down again.

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