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Kia Sportage Remotes and Keys

We understand why Kia Sportage drivers love their compact SUV. Since 1993, the line has offered drivers a sharp-looking, sophisticated design that comes with all the benefits of expanded cargo space and superior handling. The thrill for drivers starts with the press of a button — not an electronic start inside, but the “unlock” button on the fob. When they see the brake lights flicker, it builds excitement for the drive to come.

If that remote gets broken, drivers not only lose security and convenience — they also lose a little bit of pride. At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we help Sportage drivers get that push-button thrill back for less. We work with suppliers to obtain unused fobs, test them for quality and then sell them at discounts of up to 80 percent less. These are the same fobs new drivers received at the dealership, just without the dealership’s sky-high price.

We also offer a lifetime replacement program that will make sure you never get bummed about broken buttons for as long as you own your Sportage. Keyless Entry Remote Fob will help you recapture the thrill of driving without spending a fortune.
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