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Lexus GS 300 Remotes and Keys

The Lexus GS 300 is a luxury car, and you've earned every bit of its extravagance. No one dumped a bunch of money in your wallet - you earned every penny it took to drive that car off the showroom floor. Everyone thinks people who drive luxury cars has money growing on trees, but you know the truth: Getting wealthy enough for a Lexus requires knowing the value of a dollar.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we understand that value just as much as you do. We help drivers replace broken or lost fobs and remotes with huge discounts and great shipping deals. We don't offer cheap substitutes, however - we work with auto and parts suppliers to obtain unused fobs, then pass that savings on to you at up to 80 percent less than what a dealer would charge. That means you'll spend less money, and get the very same remote you had.

Because a remote entry system gives drivers so much convenience and safety, those little buttons are a big deal, and we offer big deals on those little buttons. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and deliver you a new fob quickly and cheaply.

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