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Lexus GS 350 Remotes and Keys

Your Lexus GS 350 isn't just a car, it's a tool. You're using it to carry displays for a presentation, haul supplies to a school or to take clients to important meetings. Your remote entry system is important, because it lets you load and unload conveniently, and it provides security for your possessions and passengers.

When the fob for your Lexus goes out, it slows you down, and you can't afford that. It also doesn't look good for clients, who see you using a key to unlock your door. But because people think replacing a fob is expensive, they usually put up with the hassles and bad impressions.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we want you using your Lexus as it was intended. We work with resellers and suppliers to obtain unused OEM remotes and keys, test them all for top performance then pass that savings on to you. Our discounts are huge - up to 80 percent off. That means you'll get the same remote, right down to the Lexus logo on the back, without breaking the bank. And our lifetime replacement program will keep a working remote in your hand for as long as you own your Lexus.
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