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Lexus LS 400 Remotes and Keys

Lexus' industry-leading reputation for luxury automobiles began in 1989 with the Lexus LS 400. A trendsetter from the beginning, it offered some of the finest interior features and comforts cleverly installed in an innovative frame loaded with safety features. It's a testament to Lexus' quality that we still see plenty of these on the road today.

At Keyless Entry Remote Fob, we want to see you enjoying your Lexus for as long as you want. That means if your keychain remote gets broken, we can help you replace it quickly and cheaply. Instead of making cheap substitute fobs, we stock up on unused fobs from auto dealers, auctions and salvage yards. After a round of rigorous tests for quality, we offer them at discounts of up to 80 percent less than a dealership's charge.

And with some earlier models, we also offer free programming instructions. That saves you money a second time - you can reprogram your new, authentic remote from the comfort of your own driveway, without calling a locksmith
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