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Mercedes Benz Key Remote

You can save hundreds of dollars shopping for your Mercedes Key Remote with Keyless Entry Remote Inc. Each of our factory OEM Mercedes keys is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We test every key fob remote to ensure it is sending a signal. A Mercedes Benz key from the dealer can cost upwards of $400, ours start at $40!

Although you will still have to take your Mercedes Benz Key Remotes to the dealer to get programmed, you will save over 50% of what the dealer will charge you if you purchase from them. Need help figuring out which remote you need, just email us and we can help.

Please note that most Mercedes remotes require dealership programming and the dealer will charge you. Before you purchase make sure to call your local dealership and ask them if they will program a remote you purchase online, as we have ran into some dealerhsips refusing to program a remote not purchased from them.

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