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Toyota Prius C Remotes and Keys

Drivers all over the world are turning to the Toyota Prius C as a way to help the environment and save on fuel costs. The powerful hybrid engine is as easy on people's wallets as it is on the earth.

Since 2011, we've been using the same earth-friendly philosophy to help drivers replace broken or missing remotes. There's no need to manufacture a new line of remotes, when there are plenty of existing, unused remotes out there, just waiting to be used again. We work to acquire these extras, apply a healthy regimen of product testing then offer them to customers at a big discount - as high as 80 percent off what a dealer would charge for the same fob.

We also offer outstanding shipping rates, and our lifetime replacement program will keep a working OEM remote in your hands for less than the cost of the tank of gas you used to buy for your old gas-guzzler. The Prius has been rated as one of the cleanest cars on the road. We will help you replace a missing or broken fob or key just as cleanly, and for less money.
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