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5 Questions You May Have When Ordering A Key Fob Online

  • What key fob do I need?

    We try to make it easy. Do a search for your year, make, & model of vehicle. If your search returns multiple key fobs, match your current remote button configuration with the search results.

    Guess what, even if you pick the wrong remote in the search results, any of those key fobs will most likely be compatible with your vehicle.

  • How do I program my remote to my vehicle?

    All key fobs must be programmed to your vehicle before they will work. Basically you have to sync the remote to your vehicle. There are two ways to program a key fob to your vehicle:

    • Self-Programming

      If your vehicle’s key fob is self-programmable be prepared to do some weird instructions like turn the key on and off ten times within 5 seconds, press unlock button on driver’s door, honk horn, turn lights on, do jumping jacks, shout “show me the money” as loud as you can, and then clap your hands.

      These are not actual instructions, but you get the picture. Be patient, the self-programming process can be frustrating. It is all about timing. Once you get the key fob programmed you will feel very good about yourself and tell all your friends you are a master-level mechanic now. Oh, and by the way, self-programming will save you some big bucks.

    • Professional Programming

      Some vehicles will require special machines to access the on-board computer in order to program the key fob. If your vehicle requires professional programming, you will have to locate a professional key fob programmer in your area.

      Have no fear there are many businesses that can help including the dealership, locksmiths, and even mechanics. We do professional programming for our local customers and we charge from $39.95 - $79.95 depending on the vehicle. We recommend shopping around, it could save you a few bucks.

  • I am having trouble self-programming the remote.

    • Is your vehicle entering programming mode? All self-programming key fob vehicles will signal you when the vehicle is in programming mode. The signal is usually the door locks cycling, the horn honking a couple times, lights flickering on and off, or a message on the dash. If your vehicle is not entering programming mode, keep at it. It is all about timing. Also, if your vehicle is not entering programming mode, you can’t blame the actual key fob; it is your vehicle that is the problem at this point.

    • My vehicle is entering programming mode, but the key fob will not sync.

      1. Check the battery in the key fob.

      2. Is the battery in the key fob installed properly? Most key fobs have a plus sign to indicate the positive side of the battery goes in that side.

      3. Do you have the correct key fob for your vehicle? If you have or had a working key fob to compare part numbers to, then do this. On the back of most key fobs there are very tiny numbers. Match the numbers on the back of a previously working key fob remote to the one you purchased. If they match you know you have the correct key fob for your vehicle. If they do not, the best thing to do at this point is to email us at and let us help.

      4. Ok, you have the correct part number and the battery is good, but the key fob is still not programming. This is going to sound crazy, but trust us, it works. Disconnect your actual vehicle battery for 10 minutes, then reconnect the vehicle battery. Try programming the key fob from the beginning. I know this sound nuts, but it works sometimes.

  • I never had a key fob for my vehicle and I'm not sure if my vehicle even has a keyless entry as an option.

    Give your local dealership a call, ask for service, and ask them if your vehicle came equipped with keyless entry. They will ask for your vin# so have that handy.

  • I got my key fob programmed but the key does not start my vehicle.

    If your vehicle has a transponder key or chipped key to start it (the actual metal key), this has its own programming procedure separate from the remote portion.

    Again, some vehicles have self-programming transponder keys and others you need a professional. If you purchased a transponder key from us, email us at and we can assist you in what you need to do in order to program your transponder key.

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