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You might know Keyless Entry Remote Inc. as the place to buy refurbished key fobs that you can then sell to your customers.

But did you know you can also sell key fobs to us?

Automotive businesses sometimes come across old key fobs from long gone vehicles. And oftentimes those businesses will toss the key fobs, thinking they’re not worth keeping around.

But that’s wrong.

Those key fobs can be worth a lot of money. And the selling process is easy and straightforward, making it worth your time.

When you sell key fobs...

  • You can earn up to $45 per key fob,
  • You receive payment in as little as 2 business days,
  • You have no selling minimums,
  • And your shipping is ALWAYS free.

Selling key fobs is a great way to start up a new revenue stream.

Are you ready to start earning extra cash?

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